Monday, April 12, 2010

College, J.LO, & the like.

I really wish I had a frozen lemonade right now
or a big pitcher of the limeade my mom makes for me at home
I also wish I had time for recreational reading
the kind of reading that comes after browsing the library
not in search of some elusive book with a call number
as long as the entire alphabet
the kind of reading I would do when I was 6
in the first grade all that really mattered was
Cam Jansen, the mysterious books about the girl
with the photographic memory, who we all wanted to be
I actually still want to be her
or Amelia Bedelia, the crazy maid
who would make sponge cake with real sponges
and couldn't quite grasp the English language
those were the days before obscure philosophical readings,
manifesto after manifesto
and Hemingway
I would go to my school's library
which was literally a small classroom with some bookshelves
and take out all the books available
on Princess Diana,
I was obsessed with her (so was my roommate)
maybe it was because she was a real life princess
but right after I read every single book I could get my small
magic marker stained hands on
she died, it was a tragedy
I had already lost my first hero, Selena
when I was about 3,
and yes as a 3 year old, she was my everything
and I remember standing in front of my grandma's TV
weeping while watching Univision, maybe Telemundo
she gave me Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
before I could tie my own shoes
I listened to my Selena cassette tape on loop
with my little walkman, and once the first 4 songs were over,
I would have to flip the tape
I miss that
then Princess Diana died,
I healed eventually, when I discovered Egypt
all little kids become obsessed with Egpyt,
pyramids, mummies, the underworld
it's so odd
and the Holocaust at around age 10, but maybe that's just girls
but when I was 10, I couldn't get enough of it
and now, I have no time to read a short story for enjoyment
oh the woes of college

These were my favorite women,

but I must say that now,
my favorite woman, hands down
is Jennifer Lopez,
I might be alone in that
but thats ok, shes the best
and I'm running to the movie theatre
to catch my matinee of The Back Up Plan
while blasting Waiting For Tonight in my Jeep
through the streets of PK (in my dreams).

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