Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

This weekend was a breakthrough
both on my tan and other important matters
I did not let my nostalgia or homesickness rule
I broke out of the norm,
no more egg white omelets and multigrain toast
I've moved onto scrambled eggs and cheese on an English muffin,
but that wasn't the revolution of this weekend
everything was beautiful,
maybe because I abandoned all my papers and readings and priorities
for blue skies, sandals and a sunny hilltop by Sunset Lake
and for once it felt good not to be in the city
to be away from the movement and
the sounds
(besides the sweet soul sounds of Robin Thicke)
I dearly miss the pigeons,
but I was ok trading them for the robins that would hop around in the grass
sounding like footsteps and awakening me from my sunny slumber
or the occasionally blue jay or cardinal sighting
(and I was overjoyed to see a woodpecker, a real, live woodpecker!!!)
I couldn't hear the hum of car engines or the rumble of subways on old tracks
but I could hear geese overhead and the occasional bee buzzing (quite frightening)
some good ol Vitamin D and combo of UVA UVB made me feel like
I took a short trip to Miami
Spring, you have done a great thing for me and my tan
I am sincerely grateful.

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  1. i loooove the sandals on the second picture! they are so cute! :D

    thanks for following. i'm now following back! :D


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