Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Golden Age of Ices, Childhood.

I have a research paper due in 4 days
about the Golden Age,
and at this point I feel utterly incapable
I can't really tell you about Ovid's Golden Age
but I can tell you about mine,
it involved a lot of these:
Marino's Italian ices,
apparently kids in the Midwest didn't eat these
apparently kids in the parts of the Midwest don't even have ice cream trucks
how did children live, that sounds like dystopia
but I sure as hell know that all kids in the city loved these
as soon as the temperature creeped above 60 degrees
and out parents would finally let us out of our
awkwardly colored puffy jackets
(I had a red one, probably a silver one too, and they were both ugly as hell)
we could finally run to the candy store and buy an icee (icy, ice)
and it came with the small wooden spoon
which always made it special
eating it at home with a metal spoon never cut it
that was perfect for shaving off little mountains of icee,
probably cherry flavor
cherry was the best, rainbow was also always delish
(they apparently come in chocolate also, which is tickling my fancy right about now)
I remember I would always scrape around it
hoping to get it loose
so that I could strategically flip it over,
which sometimes resulted in the sidewalk
enjoying more of my icee than I did
but after a few spills
my virtuosity grew
and I was able to effortlessly flip the icee over
and scrape all the really icy, super concentrated cherry, gooey, sticky lovely mess
off of the bottom, and it was truly the best part
whilst working on eating the icee, some would melt
and you would be left with a small sip
of cherry juice at the end
and it was just so satisfying
my little chemically red stained lips
would just smile, so refreshed and so content.

For other people who are super nostalgic and remember that yummy stuff at the bottom
I found this on the Marino's website

  • The sugary formation on the bottom of the cup is what many claim to be the best accident to happen to ices! The sugary formation occurs when there is an elapse of time from the moment the ices are put into their cups to the moment they are packaged and sent into the freezers. We had thought to freeze our ices quicker to eliminate the sugary formation but most of our consumers enjoyed it so much, they have asked us to make an entire cup filled with just the sugary formation.

yes please to a whole gallon of that!
now I'm totally craving
all the good eats of my childhood,
the frozen, sugary ones at least

count me in to anything messy, preferably with bubblegum.

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