Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sugar Sweet Sunshine: My Home a Few Blocks Away From Home

I feel homesick today
but a different type of homesick
for my second home
which definitely is not Vassar,
but the cozy, warm, decadent heaven
of Sugar Sweet Sunshine
nestled on Rivington Street,
it feels just like home, with the sweet smells
of thick buttercream frosting,
sugar cookies, and chocolate
this was my after school spot
a great place to sink into an old floral print arm chair
and listen to people's cupcake orders, envious after consuming 2 cupcakes
instead of reading Wuthering Heights & the like
the floral print wallpaper, and odd array of furniture
make it pleasantly kitschy
this is really my happy place
I even took my Vassar interviewer there
and I had her at pumpkin cupcake
a delish concoction of pumpkin cake topped with
luscious cream cheese frosting & walnuts
that hurts my heart when I think about it,
for it has been so long since I've had the sweet tastes of home
I've been around the cupcake block,
Magnolia's, Crumb's, Butter Lane, Babycakes
and nothing compares
you can go to Magnolia's if you want a long obnoxious line,
Sex & the City fans, a dense, dry, cupcake with hard icing
and a huge tummy ache afterwards
Crumbs if you want massive, bland tasting cake with fun toppings,
Butter Lane for boring & pricey, and Babycakes for oh so sad vegan creations
Sugar Sweet Sunshine tops them all
oh, did I mention the Zagat says this is the best cupcake place in the city?
thats news to me, but the Zagat is holy and therefore is always right
a dollar fifty for a piece of utopia? they got that, and much more
like banana pudding, with Nilla wafers, and cookies in glass jars
but the winner of all noms is the pistachio cupcake
this little baby is the best, and I've never encountered anyone
who doesn't fall fast in love with this creation
topped with Satin Buttercream (the Moose) and crushed pistachio nuts
nom nom nom little green cake
the other best is the classic Sunshine
vanilla cake, with vanilla buttercream
in pretty colors like hot pink & seafoam (my favorites)
its so sweet, it feels like a hug & a kiss from your first crush (I swear)
what's even better than eating the cupcake itself
is the aftermath
they are so moist that cake sticks to the cupcake liners
and my personal favorite part of the whole experience
is hopefully and wistfully scraping the cake bits off the liner
to get that last, divine taste of harmonious delight
just 31 days till I get home
away from Vassar, and into the warm embrace of a Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcake.

eat your heart out, this is food porn.

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