Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Food Feature

After seeing the Wafels and Dinges food truck
throwdown with my man & lover, Bobby Flay
I had to a taste their authentic liege wafels
a liege waffle is the other Belgian waffle,
the one that they don't serve in diners or at brunch spots
the liege waffle is a richer, wonderfully soft & chewy waffle,
with a sweet caramelized crust
dinges is an awesome Belgian word that means "whatchamacallit",
gotta love that that's what they call the waffle toppings
so when Bobby Flay could not compete with these heavenly liege waffles
I was intrigued, and when I saw the bright yellow truck in Park Slope,
I could not resist
the men were super enthusiastic & explained
everything I needed to know
about the waffles & their accompanying dinges
I opted for a liege waffle with spekuloos spread: a Belgian favorite
think nutella & peanut butter of the Flemish sort
its smooth like peanut butter, but is made out of
gingerbread cookies & spices
it was sweet and melted beautifully on the waffle with the powdered sugar
my advice: this truck is on the move, so if you spot it,
consider yourself lucky, and enjoy a waffle!

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