Sunday, July 25, 2010

Savor it While it Lasts

Vassar is fast approaching
and my days of working an internship and a job will soon be over
so will be the days of restaurant hopping in Hell's Kitchen,
hanging out in Chipotle on those sweltering hundred degree days,
just for the refillable soda with the lemon twist
real ice cream cones will be long gone, and I'll be stuck eating fro-yo from wafer cones
my dog won't wander in to my room late at night
air conditioning will be a thing of the past
so I have to bask in the things I love, for the next three weeks

My devotion to Cafe Bustelo & Pilon will never falter,
Spanish coffee all day everyday, con leche and lots of sugar
just the way my mom makes it every single morning
heating the milk in a separate pot, it becomes my job to make sure it doesn't boil over
and boy, that sure is a lot of responsibility
I appreciate our cabinet shelves, lined with assorted Goya products so much more now
my mom & Goya really make magic together

The best thing is being able to travel to any continent,
from the comfort of the East Village
First Avenue takes me to India, with all the lights
and celebration of a festival
not to mention deliciously addictive cheese naan
(think a match made in grill cheese-Desi fusion heaven)

At work I can revel in both Japanese & Afghan cuisine
Even Ukraine isn't out of reach, I gotta love authentic pierogies
even though I think at Vassar they do them pretty well,
my roommate would always look forward to pierogie night
the one night of the month she would decide to emerge from
the cave that was our room, and when she didn't
I would smuggle ziplock bags and tupperwares of them
so she could freeze them and have real dinner (ie not cereal) for days
she's the one thing that I don't have while I'm at home,
and I miss her & her Midwestern charm
but most of all, I miss her stressed out habit
of making turbans out of scarfs
she'd don them at night, while struggling with chemistry chapters

My (few) days of being a home-cook were awesome
I'll have to give that up in the communal dorm kitchens
which frequently are missing key things, like spatulas

I'll have to trade in the tastes of my childhood
I remember sitting in small Puerto Rican restaurants
waiting on my pernil & tostones, sipping Coco Rico coconut soda,
light and refreshing
Kola Champagne to accompany my rice & beans,
its not the same having Diet Coke out of soda machines
The last thing I must savor in these last 3 weeks
are beautiful mountains of ice cream
my heart breaks at the thought of being without the creamy goodness.

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  1. oh man your going to make me cry, leaving moms cooking and the overall fact of going upstate for college makes me cringe


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