Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh Hi, July

Can there be a more perfect day?
cheap food & free finds
those might be the things I love the most
by cheap food, I don't mean just any normal eats
I mean pizza, from Artichoke
the most epic slice of pizza ever to exist,
and coincidently the best in the city
this is the pizza I dream about while eating Baccio's take out at Vassar
(and just in case any non Vassar people, by some odd chance,
visit Poughkeepsie, Baccio's margherita pizza is a lovely,
olive oil laden, addiction-in-a-box)
just by the line that is perpetually snaking out of the small shop,
you can tell, this pizza is not to be missed
14th between 1st and 2nd is a sea of people making their way through a mammoth slice
some stand at the counter, sit on sparse wooden benches, loiter on every staircase available, and others just simply stand on the sidewalk,
because when you're in pizza-bliss, location hardly matters
the price just went up to 4.50 a slice, but it is massive & oh so worth it
I'm impressed with anyone who could finish their own slice
it's creamy, super savory with such a thick crust
think a few normal slices stacked,
slathered with an intoxicating spinach artichoke concoction and pieces of artichoke hearts

yes, it is a two plate pizza

Not only was there great pizza in my life today, but lots of freebies
I was pleasantly surprised as I walked down Ludlow St.
to find bags & boxes full of books, and old records
I went through that awkward moment of looking at the treasures,
and wondering whether these discarded items
were actually up for the taking, or if I got too close
someone would emerge from the shadows, and claim the stuff
embarrassing me, and crushing my dreams of free stuff
luckily, as I spied the Complete Vegetarian's Cookbook
I could not resist and I got past my apprehension,
to find out, it all was free!
I grabbed that cookbook (which can be bible # 2, seeing as I already have my Zagat 2010)
as well as the Tao Te Ching, a book on yoga & consciousness,
Kite Runner, the Canterbury Tales, and some vintage records
other people were encouraged by our searching and soon there was a small crowd
picking through books, shoes and records
this is why I love New York City,
you can be a broke intern, and shopping is still possible
in other news,
today is a celebration, I ordered Food Network magazine.


  1. im a marist person haha but yeah im in poughkeepsie right now for the HEOP program please tell me where that pizza place is! man what is there to do here at poughkeepsie i miss the city already and its only been two weeks D;

  2. The pizza place is on Raymond Ave right by Vassar.
    and as for things to do in poughkeepsie, i wish i could be hopeful but im sorry to say there is absolutely nothing to do
    theres a mall, and the movies there are super cheap during matinee
    but literally, PK sucks.
    youll come home appreciating every single part of the city so much more.
    how do you like marist?

  3. i went to the mall yesterday... not a huge fan of it haha. yeah i kinda knew this town would be a little on the boring side but marist is nice, i will most likely try and go to the city on weekends. do you go back to the city often?


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