Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Street Art

I already have a torrid love affair with the city
but now that I'm an intern
I love every single minute I get to spend outside even more
working in an office
is actually quite alienating
maybe it's just the sociology major in me
or maybe its because the light in my nook is out
but this weekend, I got in some much needed QT time with the streets
and encountered some street art that really made me happy
anything might be beautiful after staring at an Excel workbook for 7 hours at a time
but this stuff is actually great.

This sexy man inspires me.

Gotta love some divalicious attitude & a bit of scandal

Gritty High Renaissance in the big city? yes please!

Trifecta=new best word.
I wish there could be a pizza place, Thai restaurant & Cold Stone all in one,
that would be my dream trifecta.

No words needed. This speaks the truth.

This truck couldn't have been in a better place. Love dollar stores, forever.

LES masterpiece.

My fave.

1 comment:

  1. That's some sweet street art!
    Working indoors can definitely give you the craving to be out and about.



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