Friday, June 18, 2010

Cookie Time

I'm crazy for cookies
especially when they are colorful
and bursting with
sweet noms like raspberry & ice cream
here are some of my favorite
rainbow cookies from Rocco's on Bleecker
& cookie sandwiches from Milk & Cookies on Commerce Street
why are the best treats born in the West Village?
under the canopy of fire escapes, quaint buildings, and brick-face
Milk & Cookies is my favorite
because of the cute, warmth of the place, tucked in between old brownstones
the glass, communal water pitcher,
the cups full of brown sugar cubes and thick golden honey,
the happy array of flowers that greet passerbys,
but most of all, I love the cookie sandwiches and the love with which they are made
the perfect way that a scoop of creamy, dense ice cream is placed between
two huge, soft, cookies
and pressed to perfection, to make that ice cream spread all over the cookies
just 5 bucks of pure lusciousness
my particular ice cream sandwich love letter
was strawberry ice cream & macadamia nut cookies
it was a delicious masterpiece.

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